Reinforcing the involvement of global contemporary art practice through an annual exhibition based in Bali, Indonesia. Derived from the awareness of the position of cultural and historical elements and advanced interdisciplinary practice, Art Bali is a representation of the latest contemporary art practice and discovery

Beyond the myths

Art Bali 2018 Exhibition is a contemporary visual art event, held the first time in conjunction to the Annual Meetings of IMF - World Bank 2018 in Bali, Indonesia.

The theme of the first Art Bali; Beyond the Myths, seeks to illustrate the recent development of contemporary visual art, both in Bali, Indonesia, and the international world. These works represent how changes in the contemporary visual art practices are related to social-political and economy shifts and changes, both in Indonesia and globally. Through the theme, the artworks in this exhibition offers new meanings of a new worldview, that goes beyond the signs, symbols that turned into myths, whether it is constructed or arbitrary. Through the periscope of mythology, we could expand the critical thinking, kindness, and give birth to modern human values.

Mythology is also a part of an effort to consider and dismantle values, which in the context of Art Bali 2018 event, makes the frame of mind. What will we find behind this process of dismantling the signs of time and symbols? Would we be able to surpass historical mythology to discover a unique art horizon?
Bali Art(s) Road is one of the series of Art Bali 2018 program series that functions as an integral publication media to provide information of various art agendas that take place during October-December 2018. We would like to involve art galleries, artspaces, studios, artists, creative communities, co-working spaces and other art and cultural collectives to organize activities that could support Art Bali events for about 1 whole month. Art Bali opens up the opportunities for all art event organizers to publish their activities through the digital publication platform, which would reach Art Bali visitors.