Adi Panuntun

Began studying design at the Faculty of Arts and Design, Bandung Institute of Technology in 1999, he started in video mapping more than a decade ago. He then formed the company "Sembilan Matahari" in 2007, a interdisciplinary design studio employing approaches of design, technology, and art as the medium of expression and solution. Adi and his team have created a number of prominent works and represented Indonesia by receiving awards locally and internationally, such as: Grand Prize for the 1 Minute Projection Mapping, International Competition, in the Zushi Media Art Festival, Japan (2013), "Kriyasana" 1st Winner, Classic Category Video Mapping International Light Festival, Russia (2014), 1st Place Festival of Lights Championship, Berliner Dom, Germany (2017). The audience are immersed in his video mapping work as it provokes the imagination, experience, not just visually but also in the spatial experience, it provides meanings and values of various elements of the existing space. For the work title "The Cosmic Tree" (2016-2018), he projected a video map on a sculpture tree with artificial cloud floating by ways of stretched ropes, moving images are projected on it accompanied with the sounds of water dripping from the universe and roaring thunders.
The Cosmic Tree 2.0
600 x 450 cm | Tree sculpture (Fiber, resin, steel , dacron, rope), video projection and audio | 2018