Eddi Prabandono

Eddi Prabandono was born in Pati, Central Java in 1974, he formally studied visual arts after studying politics and Interior Design. His installation artworks have a distinct sensitivity towards social situations within the Indonesian society. As an artist, and a bricoleur at the same time, he often elaborates elements of construction and found objects in his works. He also often uses automotive objects as a language of expression; transportation makes easy for human to move between places.

His work titled "Sweat & Luxury" depicts a process, hard work, and success. When technology develops fast, especially digital technology, on one side it eliminates the opportunity to enjoy a process. When capital and corporation success through technology only becomes luxury for certain circles, while beyond those many of the working class are still sweating in poor living conditions.

The luxurious chandelier is a symbol of opulence or success. The difference is that a luxury can be a given thing, but success is the fruit of a process, journey, and hard work. For anyone who is successful, he/she deserves a luxury.

Eddi Prabandono is one of imminent figures in the Indonesian installation art, he had received several awards in Indonesia and abroad. He actively attended residency programs and exhibited around the world. His works are parts of museum or public space collections.
Sweat and Luxury
300 x 250 x 130 cm | Rickshaw and crystal lamp | 2018