Eko Nugroho

One of important exponents of street art, mural, and popular icons in the Indonesian contemporary art, in 1977 Eko Nugroho was born in Yogyakarta, the same place where "Apotik Komik," a pioneer of alternative mediums in fine arts, was created. Through comic, and the utilization of public space as a medium as well as propaganda space, he often conveys social political critics through a satirical style and a thick content of local wisdom. He bravely took the city as an inspiration and as his canvas, works across disciplines, swiftly leaped between mural projects to paintings and drawings, books project, comics, animation, embroidery, sculptures, and interpretation on leather shadow puppet. His works are often seen as something popular, kitsch, and lowbrow.

The work titled What Else highlights a global phenomenon. A figure is standing in front of flag banners that resembles war banners of the past. The banners are symbols of pride, a symbol of self-identity. The activities of playing with, and at the same time criticizing the banner symbol; a symbol of sacred and strong identity; identity of a nation, community, organization, institution, and even individuals.

Eko Nugroho studied in Indonesian Institute of the Arts in Yogyakarta and had actively exhibited in Indonesia and abroad.
What Else (2018)_Menggunting Tradisi
171 x 149 cm | Manual embroidery | 2008
What Else (2018)_Politik, Ekonomi, Kematian dan Industrialisasi
167 x 152 cm | Manual embroidery | 2008
What Else (2018)_Semangat Terumbu Karang
166 x 154 cm | Manual embroidery | 2008
What Else (2018)_The Traveler
180 x 105 x 120 cm (sculpture), 248 x 80 x 5 cm (poster stick) | Fiberglass paint with acrylic, wood | 2015
What Else (2018)_War Over War
168 x 151 cm | Manual embroidery | 2008