Davy Linggar dan Tulus

Born July 8, Jakarta, Indonesia
Lives and works in Jakarta, Indonesia

“FILM”, The Papilion, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Sketch, Photo, Image”, Ark Galerie, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Black&White”, Galery Cahya, Jakarta, Indonesia

“ART|JOG 11: Enlightment”, Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“ART|JOG 10: Changing Perspective”, Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“ART|JOG 9: Universal Influence”, Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“Jogja Art Moments”, Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“After Utopia”, Revisiting the Ideal in Asian Contemporary Art, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
“No Other Color”, Kunstkring Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
Jakarta Contemporary Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Doing Nothing”, Siasat, Jakarta Biennale, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Fragments#2”, Art Basel, Hong Kong
“Beyond Boundaries”, Umahseni, Jakarta, Indonesia


Born Bukittinggi, West Sumatra, Indonesia
Lives and works in Jakarta, Indonesia

Solo Pria Ter-Dahsyat – Dahsyatnya Awards
Video Klip Ter-Dahsyat – Dahsyatnya Awards
Lagu ter-Dahsyat – “Ruang Sendiri”

Male Singer of The Year– Indonesia Choice Awards (ICA) Netmedia
Album Monokrom sebagai Album of The Year– Indonesia Choice Awards (ICA) Netmedia
Video Musik Monokrom sebagai Music Video of The Year– Indonesia Choice Awards (ICA) Netmedia
OZclusive Ter-Friendly di OZ Radio Bandung Friendly Music Award 2017
“Pamit” sebagai Lagu Ter-Friendly di OZ Radio Bandung Friendly Music Award 2017
Favorite Male Singer di JawaPos.com Reader Choice
Penyanyi Favorit di Indonesia Kids Choice Awards 2017 Global TV
Video Musik Manusia Kuat sebagai Best Pop Music Video – Cornetto Pop Awards
Favorite Pop Male Singer di Cornetto Pop Awards
The Most Streaming Artist 2017 in JOOX Indonesia
Artis Solo/R&B/Urban Terbaik – AMI Awards Indonesia
Album Soul/R&B/Urban Terbaik – AMI Awards
Produser Album Rekaman Terbaik (TulusCompany - Ari Renaldi) – AMI Awards Indonesia
Album Terbaik- Terbaik – AMI Awards Indonesia
Karya Produksi Terbaik – Terbaik – AMI Awards Indonesia
Video Klip Terpilih – Piala Maya 2017

Male Singer of The Year – Indonesia Choice Awards (ICA) Netmedia
Penyanyi Pop Pria Terbaik – AMI Awards Indonesia
Male Singer “Prominent Figure with Positive Sentiment in Social Media”, Social Media Awards Majalah Marketing
Top Male Artist 2016 – Spotify Indonesia
Video Klip ter-Dahsyat untuk “Jangan Cintai Aku Apa Adanya”– Dahsyat Award 2016
Video Klip Terpilih untuk “Ruang Sendiri” – Piala Maya 2016
Peringkat 10 Album Musik Terbaik 2016 – Rolling Stone Indonesia

It's not only you who have ears.
Those wooden pores, my friends, the calcium carbonate in the wall paint,
to the fine cavities in our strongest iron can also listen.
Truly all sentences that are spoken,
clearly recorded somehow, and everywhere, carved,
bringing colors to the future.


The works of the photographer Davy Linggar are interpreted in words composed by the singer Tulus. It is usually Davy who visualizes Tulus’ songs into pictures or photographs. Both of them often join in projects produced by the singer. The results of their collaboration have been published in a book called Yang Juga Mendengar (Those Who Also Listen) in 2018. The images or photographs are interpreted by Tulus in texts that are not intended to provide information or become a caption. More than that, the texts poeticize every picture or photo that Davy has made since the 1990s. As the result, Tulus’ texts can provide independent, different meanings, beyond the contexts of the photos, that turn into actual poems as Tulus sees and interprets them. Thus, the photos and texts have their own power of meaning that influence each other but are also independent from each other. At the same time, both photos and texts beget endless interpretations in a possibly arbitrary process of further meaning makings, especially when re-read by other viewers or readers.
Yang Juga Mendengar
Variable dimensions | Photo installation | 2018