Deden Hendan Durahman

Born December 6, 1974, Majalaya, Bandung, Indonesia
Lives and works in Bandung, Indonesia

2005 – 2006
Meisterschüler in Fine Art, Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig, Braunschweig, Germany
2002 – 2005
Diploma in Fine Art, Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig, Braunschweig, Germany
1993 -1997
Bachelor in Fine Art, Faculty of Art & Design, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Bandung, Indonesia

“Look // After”, Orbital Dago, Bandung, Indonesia
“Look // After”, (Solo Showcase) Residency, Presentation & Showcase, HBK-Braunschweig & Letter Presse, Germany
“ART• BALI 2019: Speculative Memories (Ingatan-Ingatan Spekulatif)”, AB • BC Building, Bali Collection, ITDC Nusa Dua, Badung, Bali, Indonesia
“70th Seni Rupa Indonesia”, Aula Barat, Bandung Institute of Technology, Bandung, Indonesia
“Pameran Poster Riset SDM DIKTI”, Soemardja Gallery, Bandung, Indonesia
“Resemblance of the Real”, Art1 New Museum, South Jakarta, Indonesia
“Tapak Jejak Langkah Jelajah”, Soemardja Gallery, Bandung, Indonesia
“ART-UNLTD”, Gedung Gas Negara, Bandung, Indonesia
“AUPE Photography Exhibition”, Eoullim, Nuri Gallery, South Korea
“Je Moet Ons Geloven”, Seni Bandung #01, Roppih Art Space, Bandung, Indonesia
“I am too Untranslatable”, Ruci Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Photo Speaks”, The 9th International Festival for Photography & Video, Cheonan, Republic of Korea
“Identity Crisis”, Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, New York State, U.S.A

Art Gallery Varna, Bulgaria
HBK Braunschweig, Braunschweig, Germany
ProjektRaum, Berlin, Germany
Tama Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan
Cabinet des Estampes of Art & History Museum, Geneva, Switzerland
Kerstan Hall, Celle, Germany

Juror Candidate Award, Tama Tokyo Print Triennial, Tama Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, Japan
Silver Prize, Polaroid Transfer Photography Competition, Hanover, Germany
DAAD Scholarship, Fine Art – Prints, Photography & Media, HBK Braunschweig, Germany
1st Prize, Illustration & Cartoon Festival, Bandung, Indonesia
With his photographic works, Deden Hendan Durahman has long been interested in creating an “artificial space” that not only pushes the limits of reality and illusion to a blur, but also distorts them, and even makes viewers think longer to realize it—because the subject matter is not immediately visible. With a distinctive visual strategy, Deden invites viewers into “a space where lies can be arranged” while asking: is reality an individual delusion product?

The scope of his photographic works is the socio-political and cultural turmoil sweeping Indonesia today. The dynamic certainly applies globally. Indonesia especially is facing the production of lies through various images; already an acute cancer in the democratic nation. In today’s visual culture, people can no longer determine which reality is created as a lie and which is not. Through Look // After photography project, Deden wants at least to present this phenomenon. He offers something for us to reflect on the meaning of truth in the shadows of lies in the “Post-Truth” era. As Deden points out for this project, “the visual culture in the cyberspace must also be criticized because it alienates us from the truth—even though it is only a construction.”
LOOK// AFTER; Cityscapes #01
Triptych 120 x 70 cm, 120 x 120 cm, 120 x 110 cm | Ultra Chrome Print on Cotton Canvas | 2019

LOOK// AFTER; Cityscapes #02
Triptych 120 x 120 cm, 120 x 100 cm, 120 x 80 cm | Ultra chrome print on cotton canvas | 2019

LOOK// AFTER; Landscapes #07
Triptych 120 x 65, 120 x 115, 120 x 120 cm | Ultra Chrome Print on Cotton Canvas | 2019

LOOK// AFTER; Landscapes #08
Triptych 120 x 120, 120 x 80, 120 x 100 cm | Ultra Chrome Print on Cotton Canvas | 2019