Entang Wiharso

Wiharso applies a multidisciplinary practice and speaks with an urgency through a convincing medium in accordance to his necessity, whether it is painting, sculpture, video, installation, or performance art. Widely known for his unique description of contemporary life using dramatic visual languages, the mythology of the past, centuries-old animism, and high-speed lifestyle connected to hyper 21st Century. From the universal issues on power, loss, and love, to his interests on issues of ideologies, philosophy, and geography. Wiharso’s works are layered with social, political, and cultural critics, depicting the complex description of the human condition. Wiharso disseminates images in a system of references and coded symbols that covers the surface of his works.

Graduated from the Indonesian Institute of the Arts (ISI) Yogyakarta in 1994, he often represented Indonesia in the international stage through a number of prominent exhibitions, such as The Encyclopedic Palace, Venice Biennial, Indonesian Pavilion, Venice, Italy (2013). Expanded Painting 3, Prague Biennial, Prague, Czech Republic (2009). His works are in the collection of many important museums in the world, like The Guy and Myriam Ullens Foundation, Switzerland; Thomas Olbricht Collection, Berlin, Germany; Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan.

Wiharso’s artwork calls for equality and freedom without the limits of origin, skin color, religion, economic, political and cultural advantages. The work refers to the aspiration of peace, equality, without prejudices, and expanding the relation of compassion. The figure with four eyes is a metaphor how we need to keep an open mind in observing the world. This work represents the tunnel of a dream, can the dream be a reality of every individual, that everyone can celebrate the spirit of freedom together.
300 x 450 x 175 cm | Aluminum, car paint, polyurethane, resin, graphite, steel bar, lightbulb, electric cable, thread, color pigment, lamp, stainless steel, chain | 2018