Filippo Sciascia

Filippo Sciascia is an artist born in Sicily, Italy, in 1972. Prior to residing in Ubud, Bali, in 1998, Filippo Sciascia lived in New York, USA. He had a hand in establishing Gaya Gallery Ubud and worked there until 2007. His works explore many medium, both two dimensional and sculpture. He has always been interested on the subject of perspective and substantial elements of human life. Light, for example, is a subject he always cover and becomes the ideas for his works. The subject of light connect all of his bodies of work. Video works, photography, painting, sculptures, even installation, all are connected to one another. He presented a portrait painting "Lux Lumina" (2018) depicting a woman engrossed with her smartphone screen, and a series of pillars titled "Self-Portrait" in Greco-Roman style with Balinese Temple stone culture above it. To him the technology of smartphone and the Greek pillars signifies an era of civilization, one in the past and one in the present, juxtaposed in parallels. Sciascia had exhibited, in 2016; Prima Visione#2 Matahari. OFCA International, Sarang I, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, in 2014; Matahari, Complesso Post Industriale Ex-Marmi, Pietra Santa, Italy. 2013; Bali Bule, Filippo Sciascia, Ashley Bickerton and Luigi Ontani, Archeological National Museum of Naples, Italy, and in 2012 Lumina Mense, Equator Gallery, Singapore.
Lux Lumina
54 x 96 cm | Oil on canvas | 2018
Self Portrait 1-6
Variable dimensions (6 objects) | Limestone, sika, natural color pigment, Balinese temple | 2018