Agan Harahap

Reputable for his digital photography works that went viral in the social media, he is an artist who offers critical thinking to the general public through popular ways. Meme as a new product of virtual communication have become the new idol for netizens. This phenomenon drove him to process data into controversial images.

"I Was Punk Before You" is one of the experiments to see the reaction of netizens through the comment columns, and how far the work can go viral in the virtual world. Through a photo engineering in which President Joko Widodo became a punk boy, he investigated the ability of critical thinking of Indonesian netizens. A juxtaposition, between the ‘rebellious’ punk culture and the figure (that resembles with) President Joko Widodo, the establishment and rebellion toward obsolete values are side by side. The work is a ‘memorabilia’ of the representation on today’s society social upheaval, as well as a signifier of the journey of Indonesian democracy in the digital era.

Born in Jakarta, January 28, 1980. Starting his career as a painter and illustrator when he studied in the Graphic Design Department, Indonesian School of Design (STDI), Bandung. He worked as a digital imaging artist in Tarzan Photo Studio, and senior photographer of Trax Magazine, a music magazine published in Jakarta. Finalist for the Indonesian Art Award (IAA, 2008) His first solo exhibition was in MES 56, Yogyakarta (2009) Since September 2011 he works as a full-time artist.
I Was Punk Before You
150 x 100 cm | Photo print on paper | 2018