Galam Zulkifli

Galam Zulkifli was born in Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara in 1971, and is one of contemporary painters known for the technical skills in processing optical imageries. His work themes often deal with the portrait of the nation history and social-political phenomenon. Galam studied education in arts at Yogyakarta Institute of Teacher Education and Educational Sciences (IKIP Yogyakarta) in 1989. His knowledge in art would later obtained mostly by self-taught. He is a recipient of several awards, among them are: ASEAN Art Awards Finalist (1998), AN Art Awards Finalist (2003), and The Best Five Indonesia Art Awards - Philip Morris Award (2004-1999).

For "Indonesia Idea #Voice Face" work, he relied on the national anthem as the "sacred voice" of a country, in the context of Indonesia, the voice existed before the face throughout the 17 years of time span (from the declaration of independence). The voice that was not singular and not just a creative work, but also struggles against police action and pollution.

Five hundred fifty six faces (566) in this work are the face of the voices who had worked tremendously hard, from 1904-today, to give harmony in our audio industry. The traces of faces of the voice (illusion) as a big nation, and united in the dream of "Indonesia Raya" in the soul of "Indonesia Tanah Pusaka."

This work also presents at least 700 portraits of Indonesian musicians. There are 277 male singers and 269 female singers, and the rest are those in groups.
Seri Ilusi - Indonesia Idea #Voice Face
400 x 600 cm (6 panels, each 200 x 200 cm) | Acrylic, fluorescent, glow in the dark paint on canvas | 2018