Heri Dono

An important icon and part of the pioneering generation of new media art in Indonesia, Heri Dono who was born in Jakarta 1960, is one of the first to elaborate multidisciplinary sciences. He uses shadow puppet without abandoning contemporary thoughts and approaches. His works often present imaginative contemplation on social-political issues with satirical humor and irony. His works have been present in important exhibitions in the world. He received the Prince Claus Award in 1988, UNESCO Prize in 2000, and Anugerah Adhikarya Rupa award in 2014.

This work narrates the human existence on earth with a perception regarding the multi-interpretative life. Truth is often changed into justification, and sometimes forms of violence and oppression of other humans are considered as something benevolent in the face of the Almighty. Meanwhile, humane attitude and determination are most often getting forsaken.

The mind is a form of truth perceived by the human brain. But the body also holds its own truth, with the same degree as the hegemony of the human brain, in perceiving the truth. The difference is, the human brain can have a discourse of truth, the body manifest the truth in the practice of life.

When the discourse of plural and multi-interpretation truth existing in the area of logic is the result of human new consciousness, then the body that still contains the DNA of Dinosaurs justifies because it is more egocentric, therefore harmonization, tolerance, and the fair and civilized humanity for all people would be difficult to be realized in the life of diversity.
Dinosaurs Spirit
3 objects, each 183 158 110 cm | Art installation/ multimedia, fiberglass, bronze, enamel paint, acrylic, light, sound, electronic and mechanical devices, cable, automatic timer | 2018