I Gusti Ngurah Udianata (Rahman)

Weaknesses in us can become a beginning of a strength if we are able to conquer it. (I Gusti Ngurah Udianata, 2019)

Udianata’s bamboo sculpture takes the form of weavings of human sculpture who is looking at his/her own hands. Udianata, born and lives in Tampak Siring, Gianyar, created his bamboo sculpture works collectively. Sometimes in the creative process, he follows on a whim the material properties of the bamboo, particularly to the form of ritual offering elements in the daily life of Balinese. The bamboo sculpture, Seeing the Self, is related to how one gives meanings to him/her self as a whole. In the lives of many cultures there are a myriad ways of interpreting the self, since long ago until now, both in spiritual and materialistic ways. Mirror is a medium and a representation for seeing oneself. And nowadays, many people see and “give meanings to themselves” through technology, such as smartphones and social media dissemination.
Melihat Diri
140 x 290 x 210 cm | Bamboo | 2019