I Wayan Upadana

Can we imagine the icon of Balinese tradition presented in popular forms like bathing tub or a bowl coated with delicious chocolate? This visual language is very unusual. The sculpture works of Wayan Upadana enticed our curiosity and interest. Standing between two worlds, Bali and the contemporary, he plays in the area of perception over values.

The work regarding the myth of Tirtayasa Nation, titled "Human, Water and Light," it is a transfer vehicle on the story of Tirtayasa Nation. A mythology of a maritime nation in the Archipelago as an identity of this nation. Through the sea in Uluwatu Bali (the Indian Ocean), the rhythm of the waves perceived from a bird eye view. The transparent human sculptures are an imagination about Bali's tourism life, side by side in harmony with the traditional and spiritual values of the people.

Wayan studied sculpture art formally in the Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta and often explores various materials. Understanding on the characteristics of the materials used to develop the ideas and narratives he wants to build in his artworks. He was born in Gianyar, Bali, 1983. His last solo exhibition in 2016 discussed memories on objects, titled "Memory" in the Fremantle Art Centre, Australia. His sculpture works were exhibited in several Sculpture Triennial in Indonesia. He also works in performance as a medium and received several awards, one of them is Young Sculptor Competition Finalist ICC Pandaan in 2010.
Manusia Imaji Air dan Cahaya
Variable dimension | Resin, LED TV | 2018