Joko Dwi Avianto

Joko Avianto was born in 1976, Cimahi, West Java. In 1996-2001, Joko studied art in the sculpture studio, Faculty of Arts and Design, Bandung Institute of Technology. Later on in 2003-2005, Joko continued his studies in the post-graduate program Faculty of Arts and Design, Bandung Institute of Technology. His works have a distinct characteristic, which is processed bamboo made into big sized sculptures and are mostly placed in public spaces, with amorphous shapes that highlights the superiority as well as weakness of the material characteristic. He braids and weaves hundreds to thousands of bamboo shafts by relying on the maximum bending properties of the material to create the shapes. He truly realizes that the material does not last, itís temporary. Joko participated in various exhibitions locally and abroad, such as the annual ARTJOG, Yogyakarta. In Penang, Malaysia in 2013, as many as 3,000 bamboo shafts covered the facade of George Town City Hall. In Frankfurt Kunstverein, Germany in 2015, and last 2017 he attended the Yokohama Triennial, Japan. In 2018 his bamboo sculpture was specially commissioned to be displayed in the Esplanade, Singapore, and Bundaran HI in Jakarta.
Murala's Pray
300 x 600 x 250 cm | Bamboo | 2018