Made Wiguna Valasara

Born and raised in Sukawati, Bali since 1983, the strong daily tradition influences the works of Made Wiguna Valasara. Finishing higher education in the sculpture art and painting art departments in Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta, Valasara perceives the canvas not only as a supporting medium, but also as a visual art language. This perspective challenges him to create contours, textures, and volume through sewing and filling the canvas. In the last few years, Valasara used tradition as the source of anxiety and inspiration. His attention is especially absorbed by the process of tension between individuals (and the freedom of thinking and opinions) and communality, within the context of construct of Balinese society along with the traditional rites and religious activities.

For this work Valasara worked on his canvases with images taken from the Renaissance paintings. By constructing narratives on the canons in several fragments and substitute them with works of other artists, he presented an open narrative on the changes through the renaissance perspective, especially when it is presented in the landscape of today’s art. A process of shift — migration/mutation of cultural symbols when faced with digital and internet era of today became more plural, rhizomatic, without any clear references nor patterns.

He is one of the young artists who actively exhibit in various group exhibitions, art fairs, and biennales. He is also a recipient of various awards, among them is the Jury Choice during Trimatra Nasional, Salihara Community-Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, in 2013.
400 x 1200 cm (17 pieces on display) | Stuffed canvas, pencil | 2015
20 pieces, variable dimensions (full version) | Stuffed canvas, pencil | 2015