Jumaldi Alfi

Born 1973, Lintau, West Sumatra, Indonesia
Lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The Indonesian Institute of Arts in Yogyakarta (ISI), Indonesia
Indonesian High School of Arts (SMSR), Yogyakarta, Indonesia

“Jumaldi Alfi's Blackboard Paintings”, Primo Marella Gallery, Milan Re-Play #3, OFCA International, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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“Melting Memories”, STPI (Singapore Tyler Print Institute), Singapore
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“Istambul Art Fair 2013”, with Yavuz Fine Art, Istanbul, Turkey
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“Jiwa Ketok dan Kebangsaan”, Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Indonesia Non Ekspresi, Surakarta, Indonesia
“Kindred By Choice” I, with Jumaldi Alfi, Martin Kippenberger, Fendry Ekel, Andy Warhol, Entang Wiharso, Daniel Richter. ARNDT Gallery. Singapore
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“Masih Ada Gus Dur”, Langgeng Gallery, Magelang, Yogyakarta - Indonesia Bakaba, Sakato Art Community, Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Finalist, 10th Indonesian Art Awards
The Best Painting Awards, Indonesian Institute of Arts (ISI), Yogyakarta - Indonesia Finalist of the 5 th Indonesian Art Awards
This artwork is a kind of subtle allusion to the rise of the use of symbols, especially Quran verses that are imposed as a single interpretation for unilateral interests. Ease of access in finding information is so convenient these days. In this digital age any question can be answered as easily as turning the palm of the hand. This is a blessing but at the same time a toxic situation. If a strong desire to search for information is not matched by a maturity of the mind and emotions, this abundance of information will not enhance openminded-ness but on the contrary.
Digital Spiritualisme, I Like to See Myself as a Prophet #01
210 x 190 | Acrylic on linen | 2019

Digital Spiritualisme, I Like to See Myself as a Prophet #02
210 x 190 cm | Acrylic on linen | 2019