Komunitas Patung Padas Batubelah

I Made Miasa
I Ketut Sukerta
I Nyoman Darmadi
I Wayan Darmawan
I Wayan Dastra
Initiated by the artist I Wayan Sujana “Suklu” a few years ago, Padas Batubelah Sculpture Community consists of youths from the banjar (a traditional administrative unit in Bali) where Suklu lives and works in the suburb of Klungkung Regency. At first, he wanted to use the remains of padas stones that were widely traded for buildings and architectural decoration; he thought of using them as sculptures while training young people. According to Suklu, they did not have a background in fine arts education, but in a short period of practice they mastered the sculpting techniques and carved solid rocks into sculptures with various interesting patterns.

“Since childhood, Balinese have been exposed to artistic forms through the sundry forms of daily ritual ceremonies, offerings, decorations in temples and many more, maybe the aesthetic is already implanted in their memory. Some of their sculptures are very free, not limited to the shape of statues around them, and more universal in style,” said Suklu.

These sculptors work on padas according to the structure of the stones’ shapes and drawing patterns made by Suklu on the pages of foreign language novels. What Suklu has done to his banjar community shows that artists are involved in real works to preserve a tradition of padas sculpture making for the people through a collective movement or community.
Variable dimensions | Padas stone | 2018-2019