Nasirun is an artist who is an important icon in the Indonesian art. His works often present abstract and expressionism style. Conceptually, his works present a series of aesthetic moments on life, the universe, Javanese syncretism, and philosophy. His ideas are cultural pilgrimages to Indonesian artists of the past. His artworks are a means to discuss Indonesianness through a form of beauty.

Nasirun is a completed artist. His techniques are superb, his imagination is incredible. He is a genius and master of the concepts, but he never leaves the aesthetic aspects, in fact the sense is Nasirunís strongest side. His works are expressive and imaginative. He received formal learnings on fine arts in ASRI (Indonesian Arts Academy) Yogyakarta. He received the Philip Morris Award and won the Indonesian Art Top Ten Award in 1997. He is one of several Indonesian artists who actively exhibit in Indonesia and internationally.

These artworks question mythology and the cultural actors. The three different artworks discuss Indonesia as the nationís legacy or inheritance, Bali as an important part of the nationís inherited legacy, and Sudjojono as one of the inheritor of culture and art in Indonesia. He presented old artifacts, found stamps as a form of appreciation toward the past history of the nation.
250 x 500 cm | Oil on canvas | 2018
Pusaka Nusantara Ė Warisan
Variable dimensions, 151 objects | Mischtechnik | 2018
Sudjojono Bukan Anjing
175 x 500 cm | Oil on canvas | 2018