Marmar Herayukti

Tabik pakulun.

The custom is a teacher of noble values ​​that have been used as guidelines for living in society for thousands of years, a vital weapon in maintaining and cultivating a prosperous and dignified life.

At a time when the desire is the “King”, society’s law and order is compromised, tradition is pushed aside, moral values ​​are trampled over mere materials, mutual respect sinks in the dark sea, and anxiety undermines the hearts of people who are disoriented and clueless about themselves.

It is time for the souls of warriors to rise up in the minds of the heart, to uphold the customary sovereignty that has long been misunderstood, to sail the seas and conquer the waves on small ships of “tradition and civilization”, wielding swadarma (honest of one’s expertise) with the aim of re-building mutual respect upon realizing that peace and harmony are not an army’s invention but truly are the result of wise and virtuous behaviors thriving and echoing from the soul.

Pejuang Adat
600 x 400 x 250 cm | Wood and paper | 2019