Nurrachmat Widyasena (Ito)

Born May 20, 1990, Kitchener, Canada
Works and lives in Bandung, Indonesia

2008 – 2013
Printmaking Art Studio Program, Faculty of Art & Design, Bandung Institute Of Technology (ITB), Bandung, Indonesia

“Nostaljik Kritik : Operasi Taimket”, Ruci Art, Jakarta, Indonesia
“After Einstein Rosen Bridge”, The Bluecoat, Liverpool, United Kingdom
“Young Artist Discovery”, Art Taipei 2014, World Trade Center, Taipei, Taiwan
“Patriotic Myth of Space Age”, Bandung Contemporary, Kamones Gallery & Workshop, Bandung, Indonesia

“Phantom Plane, Cyberpunk in the Year of The Future”, Tai Kwun Museum, Central, Hong Kong
“Art Jakarta 2019”, Art Fair, Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Chromaticity”, Group Exhibition, Can’s Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Art Moments”, Art Fair, Sheraton Hotel Grand Ballroom, Gandaria City, Jakarta, Indonesia
“ART• BALI 2019: Speculative Memories”, AB • BC Building, Bali Collection, ITDC Nusa Dua, Badung, Bali, Indonesia
“Art Unlimited : XYZ”, Gedung Gas Negara, Bandung, Indonesia
“Biennale Jawa Tengah #2 : The Future of History”, Semarang, Indonesia
“SSAS/As/Ideas”, Bale Project, Selasar Sunaryo, Bandung, Indonesia
“Bazaar Art Jakarta”, Art Fair, Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Manifesto 6.0 : Multipolar”, Galeri Nasional, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Axis By Praxis”, G13 Gallery, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
“A Small Universe In The Field Of Meaning”, Edwin Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Infamy”, Pinto Art Museum, Antipolo, Philippines, Indonesia
“WHAT YOU WEAR (are not) YOU ARE YOU ARE (not) WHAT YOU WEAR”, The Warehouse, Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Biennale Jogja XIV Equator #4”, Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“Art Expo Malaysia Plus”, MATRADE Exhibition & Convention Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
“X”, Orange Gallery, Bacolod, Philippines
“Equidistant Night”, Provenance Art Gallery, Manila, Philippines
“Kecil Itu Indah”, Edwin Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Art Stage Jakarta”, Bale Project, Grand Sheraton Ballroom, Jakarta, Indonesia
“BNE Re:Emergence”, Selasar Sunaryo, Bandung, Indonesia
“Ace Mart”, Ace House, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“The Group Show”, Platform 3, Bandung Indonesia
“Faux Utopia”, Living Lab Vol 1, Greenhost Boutique Hotel, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“Pra-Biennale Jogja XIV Equator #4”, PKKH UGM, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“Care of Wood”, Kaya Kayu Exhibition, The Space The Parlor, Bandung, Indonesia

Finalist, 32 Art Award, Gudang Sarinah, Jakarta, Indonesia
Special Mention, Bandung Contemporary Art Award #4, BaCAA #4, Lawangwangi Creative Space, Bandung, Indonesia
Finalist, Young Artist Award, ART|JOG|13, Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Finalist, Soemardja Award, Galeri Soemardja, Bandung, Indonesia
In his creative works, he often explores discourses of future, futuristic retro themes, Space Age, and the latest global technologies, where he becomes a part of the humanity in general.

This series of works represents his awareness and desire to bring forth ideas and enthusiasm for a better future in his own country. An awareness for a better future like what is put forward during the Space Age era does not only belong to Westerners, but also to us, a third world nation.

In The Ballad of Spaceship (Balada Wahana Antariksa) 2.0 and The Space Animation Billboard (Reklame Gambar Hidup Antariksa), he tries to combine the Western retro futurism method with Indonesian local contents that he draws from dangdut music and films. It is quite an effective method because these are the subjects that are easily digested by our public, i.e. film, dangdut, sexy women.

In The Dignified Nation (Bangsa Bermartabat), he created a Western space propaganda poster with an excerpt of former president SBY’s speech in 2014 stating that the axis of our country has already focused on technology. With a large plate mounted on the foundation stones, hopefully these words will become increasingly heavy and sturdy to become the axis of development in our country. This series of works is an expression of his trust in our country for a better life in the future. One of the key is technology, or, rather, in Indonesia, what’s called IPTEK (Science and Technology).
Balada Wahana Antariksa 2.0
62 x 75 x 30 cm | Mixed media | 2019

LAPAN : Bangsa Bermartabat
350 x 250 cm (tryptich) | Screws, bolts, silkscreen and oil painting on aluminum, foundation stones | 2014

Reklame Gambar Hidup Antariksa #1
Diameter 160 | Digital print on fabric | 2019

Reklame Gambar Hidup Antariksa #2
Diameter 160 cm | Digital print on fabric | 2019