Pande Ketut Taman

Pande Ketut Taman was born in a religious family, in Peliatan, Bali, in 1970. He graduated from Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta and resides in Muntilan, Magelang. His artworks are explorative, from his paintings, sculpture, to installation. The subjects of his artworks took many from religious values, history, and the daily lives of the society. The artwork titled "Until The End" (2018), a wood sculpture of a line of soldiers with black charred bodies. He was inspired by the lives of soldiers, when tasks and duties even took over nearly all of the most personal and private areas of human being, without any opportunities to bail, for and on behalf of observance/task/duty to the country that they must carry. This work is a form of a poetic expression on the facet of a soldier’s life as a state apparatus who must follow the chain of command and put forward national security above personal matters. Pande Taman have participated in various art exhibitions such as the Bali Biennial 2016, ARTJOG 2013, and also collaborations with Sin Sin Hong Kong Gallery for quite some time.
Until The End
12 objects, each 190 x 60 x 30 cm | Wood | 2018