Samsul Arifin

An artist known for his painting, installation, and sculpture works, exhibiting in Indonesia and abroad. By building a specific icon that resembles a puppet, he plays in the interpretation domains of presentation, production, materials, medium, and context. Through his initial discovery of the puppet form, his interests and relation to sewing, and processing soft materials. But his exploration is related to certain memories and experience.

Through object and painting installation, he discusses artists who were born with specific attributes. The work titled "Lakon Seni Rupa" is a form of dismantling myths from the art world itself. Human characteristics become the main actor in visual arts and how the dynamic of arts turn into myths in the wider public is a matter he interpreted through this work.
Lakon Seni Rupa
203 x 105 cm | Resin, steel, wood, fabric and gunny sack | 2013
Mengarungi Laut Imaji
200 x 300 cm | Acrylic on canvas | 2018