Syagini Ratna Wulan ft. Bandu Darmawan

Syagini (b. Bandung, 1979) is an observer of daily lives, reality, and the human soul. Her works are very conceptual and greatly inspired by values of the aesthetics, psychoanalysis studies, critical theories, and the concept regarding time. She works with many media; painting, sculpture, installation, text, light, performance, and lately in collaboration with Bandu Darmawan (b. Cilacap, 1989), a media artist who graduated from intermedia studies, Bandung Institute of the Arts, in a project titled "Sirri."

This work is a continuation of the previous version, and it processes the concept of generative storytelling. The audience could create their own storyline, and build an interaction between the artwork and audience experience. This version 2.0 dismantle the digital era possibilities by the emergence of hashtag (#) and random binary codes. A game of "word search" that provides a space of interaction for the audience to enter and seek for the title of the work themselves.

The work set off from the observation on audience response and phenomenon on art presence and events. The audiences are involved in deciding the artwork title, the most abstract part of an artwork, even for the artist themselves. Response to the development of digital culture that increasingly influences the public regarding the work itself.
Sirri 2.0
d. 251 cm, h.219 cm | Bended galvanize iron, cables, sound, lights | 2017