Yani Mariani Sastranegara

Born in Rangkas Bitung, Banten, in 1955. Yani Mariani graduated from the Sculpture Art Department, Jakarta Institute of Arts, 1981. Ideas for her sculpture works rise from symbolism of religion and local culture with modern form presentation. The work titled "Kamulyaning Bagaskara" or "Gemilang Matahari" (2018), is an outdoor installation sculpture made of copper and steel. This work, according to the artist, took the form of the Swastika symbol (from Hinduism) which should symbolize the sun, the perfect enlightenment, meaning the release and absorption for the purpose of giving birth to positive strength and total well-being. The symbol of swastika as a philosophy is considered as holy and sacred with the meaning of peace, safety, and goodness. Swastika from the applied word Swastyastu, which means "may you be in good fortune," also a symbol of the galaxy or collections of stars on the horizon which are the forces of natural rotation/power to turn the universe. Yani Mariani have exhibited her sculptures many times in big cities in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta and Yogyakarta.
Kamulyaning Bagaskara
340 x 340 x 120 cm | Metal, copper plate, 6' steel, stainless steel plate, mirror, black colored rubber | 2018