Arin Dwihartanto Sunaryo

The works of Arin Dwihartanto Sunaryo are known because of its combination of abstract paintings and method of freezing splatters, pours of liquid pigments by layered process to create shiny surfaces. In his work Holy Mountain (2018), he froze resin pigments and finely powdered mineral stones mixed with volcanic ash from the eruption of Mount Agung, Bali. His works play between the painting and industrial objects, between the non-narrative (abstract) and the contextually narrative, in this case the use of volcanic ash element he retrieved from the location of actual event, where the ash was retrieved through a series of various rites. Arin Sunaryo received his MFA from the Central Martins College of Art and Design, London (2015), and graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Design, Institut Teknologi Bandung. Some of his solo exhibitions are: After Taste, Sullivan+Strumpf, Sydney (2017) and Karat, at Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Bandung, Indonesia (2015). Mooi Indie, Samstag Museum, Adelaide, Australia (2014) and No Country: Contemporary Art for South and Southeast Asia, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York (2013).
Holy Mountain
218 x 424 x 5 cm (diptych) | Pigmented resin, Mt. Agung volcanic ash on wooden panel | 2018