Born September 2, 1986, Jakarta, Indonesia
Lives and works in Jakarta, Indonesia

2009 – 2010
Pre-Master for Fine Art Programme, Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts, Cambridge, UK
2004 – 2008
Visual Communication and Design, University of Pelita Harapan. Jakarta, Indonesia

“Present Measures”, RMIT University and Project 11 Foundation Melbourne, Australia
“Panggilan Terbuka: Open Calling”, Taipei Cultural Foundation, Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan
“Black Umbrella Thursday Memorial”, Koganecho Bazaar 2014, Yokohama, Japan
“Legal Artist Series: Jalan Kemenangan”, Ruang MES56, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

"Jakarta International Photo Festival (JIPFEST) 2019", Rubanah Underground Hub, Jakarta, Indonesia
"Into The Future: Indonesian Women Artists", Cemara Enam Foundation and Ministry of Education & Culture National Gallery of Indonesia Jakarta, Indonesia
“ART• BALI 2019: Speculative Memories”, AB • BC Building, Bali Collection, ITDC Nusa Dua, Badung, Bali, Indonesia
"Art in A Hotel Room", Hatch Art Project, Harbour Art Fair 2019, Hong Kong
"Project Eleven: #Perempuan", Space 28, VCA Performing ARTS, Melbourne, Australia
"Exi(s)t: Tomorrow As We Know It", National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
"The History of the Boys: the MES 56 and Beyond", DECK, Singapore

16th IPA Mentorship Grants, Invisible Photographer Asia, Singapore
In the realm of photography, in the midst of the rapid development of technology, information overload, and media that challenges old and new generations, there is always still a longing, nostalgia, and obsession with colors, textures, and imperfections offered by past media.

Analog film is one of the reliable media to release the longing. The imperfections and speculations of the results of the film printing process are an escape from the sharpness and certainty of the digital imaging process. Both approaches can be combined into an “instant with an analog feel” approach, with the digital photography that is engineered and printed on an analog instant film.

In this work, I want to play with such approach with an emphasis on three aspects:
playing with the perspective of vision, angle and so on; general and familiar photographic moments; and distorted reality engineering.

This work tells about the experience of mothers today, a new experience in a new era. Being a mother to me means continuing to do what is always thought to be impossible; but then it becomes possible, undeniably helped by access to instantaneous information. The flesh and blood that’s being more and more attached, requiring a constant stream of attention, time, and energy; this is the reality that I am experiencing right now.

It is expected that the audience can read this story about attachment, anxiety, endeavor to play, and hopes of a new mother through this series of photos on display.
Twinkling of An Eye: Attachment (Sekejap Mata: Lekatan)
36 polaroid photos each 6.2 x 6.2 cm; wooden frame with glass 90 x 84 cm | Photography on instant films, wooden frame | 2019