Chusin Setiadikara

Known for his photorealistic painting works depicting the daily lives of communities in Bali, such as the depiction of traditional market, or other figurative painting works. In his work titled Jejak-Jejak Jalur Sutra (2017), he described Kamasan Bali tradition of painting combined with the images of porcelain bowl with rooster image, a classic icon known by all levels of society in Indonesia, and the figure of fishmonger weighing his wares. The painting connects the history of Bali and China with various items in everyday life that are still being used, but with more modern looks and perhaps its origin is already forgotten. Chusin was born in Bandung in 1949, he studied painting in Rangga Gempol painting studio, Bandung, under the tutelage of the late artist Barli Sasmitawinata. Chusin resided in Bali since 1987, which inspired him in the development of his artworks. Several exhibitions in which Chusin participated in 2010 are: "Percakapan Massa", National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia, "Contemporaneity" - Contemporary of Indonesia Artist's, MoCa, Shanghai, China, in 2011 a solo exhibition "A Thesis," National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia, in 2013 a group exhibition "Determination of Two Islands," National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Jejak-Jejak Jalur Sutra
200 x 300 cm (diptych) | Oil and acrylic on canvas | 2017