Ashley Bickerton

Ashley Bickerton is an artist who often uses mixed media and is associated with the art movement of the early 1980s: Neo-Geo. His works often combine various elements: photography, paintings with industrial elements, and/or finding objects. His works explore issues in contemporary art related to commodification of art objects themselves. Often the objects are grotesque in a criticism of capitalism.

This installation work of transparent boxes is made of solid clear resin material, with various forms of sea coral-like objects being placed in it as well as a construction of relief raft with footprints, which are interconnected with various rock climbing equipments and small-sized flags of various countries among a network of ropes. Through this work, he reveals that after all humans are able to exploit even the most alien nature to survive. Another work is the formation of objects found from a surrounding coast, attached as collages on paintings. Itís like flowing in tandem with the current. He uses it to illustrate the current situation and condition of the earth.
Floating Ocean Chunk To Be Hauled Up Mountain High Desert, Forest No.1
Variable dimensions | Resin, stainless steel, ropes, carabiners, climbing equipments, and flags | 2019

Flotsam Painting No.2
156.5 x 212.5 x 20 cm | Beach flotsam, oil and acrylic on canvas with plywood, glass and stainless steel | 2019