Agus Suwage

His works are known for the self-portraits that always appear in various poses and with ambiguous attributes surrounding it. Likewise, his adventurous explorations on various medium starting from oil paint, photography, plates, to drawing with coffee, also the processing of various objects from metal to ceramics. The subject of his artworks are often revolving on the issues of human identity, which are often portrayed in paradoxes, satirical and ironic but at the same time entertaining. The work titled "Potret Diri Sebagai Politisi" (2018), with the medium of watercolor, tobacco juice, and oil paint on zinc plate, responded on the social phenomenon in the society nowadays, when political events penetrated social media, argued and commented by the supporters and oppositions, becoming viral often too far, so that a group called haters would emerge. This social media era phenomenon also signifies the era when the limitations between public and private spaces are fading. Agus Suwage, born in Purworejo, Central Java 1959, graduated from the Department of Design, Faculty of Arts and Design-Institut Teknologi Bandung in 1986, he worked as a graphic designer, and then since the end of 1990s he decided to become a full-time artist. He often held solo exhibitions in Indonesia and abroad.
Potret Diri Sebagai Politisi
70 x 50 cm (3 panels) | Oil on Zinc |
Potret Diri Sebagai Politisi
60 x 40 cm (10 panels) | Watercolor, tobacco juice on paper | 2018