Art Bali - A Forward Leap of Indonesian Art

"Through Art Bali, we intend to demonstrate our commitment to build and develop the ecosystem of art and culture, especially in Bali," Heri Pemad, CEO and Founder Art Bali, explained.

Bali, 2 October 2018 - An international contemporary art exhibition, Art Bali, will be held starting from October 9 to November 9, 2018 at the AB • BC (Art Bali • Bali Collection) building, Bali Collection area, Nusa Dua, Bali. Under the auspices of the Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy (BEKRAF), Art Bali is a part of event series in coinciding with the Annual IMF - World Bank Group Meeting 2018 that will be held on October 8 - 14, in the same area. Heri Pemad as the CEO and Founder of Art Bali, stated, "Through Art Bali, we intend to demonstrate our commitment to build and develop the ecosystem of art and culture, especially in Bali. As a new artistic space, Art Bali exhibition aims to make art enjoyable for people from various background."

Beyond the Myths

The selected title and theme "Beyond the Myths" is a dismantling of symbols often called myth, or even turned into myths by the society and culture. The Curatorial Team consists of Rifky Effendy and Ignatia Nilu explained, "We picked the theme to discover a way to open a wider and sharper horizon on various phenomenon behind the social-cultural values in Indonesia, as well as its relation to the global issues through the presentation of the artists’ works."

"The 39 artists participating in Art Bali’s inaugural exhibition hailed from various backgrounds of culture, art disciplines, and even different generations. They take part in offering reflections, ideas, and new symbols over symbols that have been made into myths by art and culture," Nilu added. These artists were selected based on the artistic practices, workmanships, and their contributions in triggering the dynamics of contemporary visual art in Indonesia and internationally. The intensive curation process took about 8 months, starting from the planning of ideas, visuals, to the process of artworks presentation in the exhibition location. The offered approaches are very diverse, starting from the medium of sculpture, installation, painting, interactive works, performative works, video art, optical art, conceptual works, photography, and many more.

Also, communication language plays an important factor in artist selection. As a senior painter, the communication language offered in the works of Agung Mangu Putra used a history background to narrate, imagine, and providing new meanings. The aspect of history holds a great and important influence in shaping knowledge, encourage new ideas, generation awareness, and triggering new dynamics in the next generation. Arin Dwihartanto Sunaryo froze resin pigments and finely powdered mineral stones mixed with volcanic ash from the eruption of Mount Agung, Bali, of which he extracted the ash himself through a series of ritual processions. Also present in Art Bali - "Beyond the Myths" exhibition is the painting of I Made Djirna titled "Penculikan Shinta" (2014), part of painting series based on the theme of classic saga Ramayana. In the painting, the configuration of figures, creatures, animals, and other elements are arranged in tight layers, in a combination of various traditional Balinese painting style like the Ubud and the Batuan.

The painting of Made Wianta, titled "Triangle War" (1992), is an abstract painting applying composition of triangles in various shapes and sizes on a blue field that at a glance resembling the sky with glimmering stars.

The artwork of Entang Wiharso speaks of the clash of ideas that rooted in local wisdom and global thinking such as the humanitarian thinking offered by the West. A paradox of myths, on how our society is often trapped in prejudices and see the surface without observing the essence of an idea.

One of contemporary art icons, Eko Nugroho, is present in Art Bali exhibition by providing an provocative offer of contemporary art activism. He talks about the social-political themes in the common people day to day stories. His works encourage the growth of alternative art medium in Indonesia, such as comic, mural, embroidery, and installation in a dark satire visual humor in local lexicons.

Also present is Mella Jaarsma, a Dutch born artist who lives and works in Indonesia. She dedicates her life for the development of contemporary art in Indonesia by developing Cemeti Art House since 1988. As an interdisciplinary artist who works with paradoxes and critical thinking, she speaks about how knowledge is shaped and reproduced. Her work in Art Bali exhibition offers the public a critical awareness on formal and non-formal knowledge that currently grows in social spaces, that often appears as myths.

The works of Jompet Kuswidananto, one of the generation of artists who broke into new media art, presents a snapshot of history in an installation work about a group of villagers in Madiun who stole curtain drapes from the houses of colonial officials at the end of the 19th Century. His work presentation marks a momentum in contemporary art and aesthetics that interact with multidisciplinary practices.

Hopefully, the compositions of these selected 39 artists could demonstrate the varieties of artworks that emerge from a variety of ideas and cultural references.

For one whole month, art enthusiasts could enjoy these intensively curated artworks in the AB • BC building. For those who wish to enjoy artworks in Art Bali in a more specific way, Curatorial Tours with Art Bali Curatorial Team are available every Saturday throughout the exhibition period. Art Bali also gives opportunities for public and student visitors who holds Bali Residential ID/Driving License/Student Card to enjoy the exhibition for free every Tuesday starting from October 23, 2018. Detailed explanation regarding Art Bali Programs is in the attachment. Whereas during the Annual IMF - World Bank Group Meeting 2018, in October 8-14, 2018, Nusa Dua area applies special regulations in relation to security of the event. Access for vehicles going to Nusa Dua area will be limited starting from October 3 to October 16, 2018.

Detailed explanations regarding Rules for Art Bali Visitors during and after the meeting is in the attachment.

Who is behind Art Bali?

Heri Pemad - CEO and Founder of Art Bali

Heri Pemad is the brain behind the success of Art Jog annual art events that have been held for 11 years in a row. Art development in Indonesia has grown rapidly through the annual event. Art Bali is the first art exhibition with international scale and it is expected to become an annual contemporary art event in Bali. "We present Art Bali to the Balinese, especially to artists who work and create in Bali, also to the art enthusiasts, and Bali Cultural Observers," said Heri Pemad.

I Made Aswino Aji - Founder Art Bali

I Made Aswino Aji is one of Bali young artist who is also active in the scene of contemporary art in Bali. Two of his latest works are "Invasi Ego" (2018) that he works on together with Silakarang artisans, and "Baris Tunggal" (2018) that he works on with artisans from Tampak Siring, presented as an art program in one of the biggest music events in Indonesia. "I hope Art Bali can be a main gate for Balinese artists in presenting their works to the international public. Also Art Bali is expected to be an alternative of new art destination in Bali by highlighting Balinese contemporary art and culture," Aswino Aji explained.

Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy (BEKRAF)

The Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy (BEKRAF) fully supports creative talents in Indonesia to continue and maintain their developments through development programs for inclusive creative ecosystem.

BEKRAF supports is a form of optimism that creative economy will become a backbone of national economy and that art today is one of thousands of new achievements for Indonesian creative economy. "Together, we will show the richness and progressive development of Indonesian contemporary art. This will be a first step in establishing the artistic ecosystem that will influence the development of creative activities and its actors," Triawan Munaf, Head of BEKRAF, stated.

About Art Bali - Art Bali is a contemporary art exhibition event located in Bali, Indonesia. This international exhibition presents artworks of artists from Indonesia and abroad, and becomes a bridge between the artists and art enthusiasts. Art Bali is committed to support art developments in Indonesia, especially Bali, through next art exhibitions in the future. For further information regarding Art Bali programs, please contact

Collaboration - Art Bali works together with BEKRAF (Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy) that has high commitment to keep supporting the development of arts in Indonesia. For further information regarding collaboration with Art Bali, please contact